Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 30s
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Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 30s

Here are 5 weight loss tips for women in their 30s to start losing weight fast at home using simple weight loss techniques! Following these weight loss tips will put your body into a fat burning mode. Losing weight may feel like a milestone but it shouldn’t because you still have time to get rid of fat faster than women in their 40s.

As we grow older, our bodies take longer to get rid of fat, that said, there are some effective methods to help you achieve your weight loss goals quicker.

Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 30s

Before we begin with ways you can use to start losing weight, we must go over the importance of water. If you want to lose weight and keep it off successfully, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Water helps with digestion and elimination of toxins and fat. When you’re on a diet, water also acts as a weight-loss aid because it helps you eat less. Drinking water during the weight loss process will help keep your body hydrated unwanted calories.

1. Eat More Protein

One of the best ways to put your metabolism into a fat burning mode as you age is by consuming more protein. You need to focus on building muscle mass to burn fat faster, eating smaller portions of protein packed meals through the day will increase your chances of getting faster results.

Starting your day with a protein shake or a boiled egg is something you never want to miss out on when trying to lose weight.

2. Fast

Eat only when you feel hungry! This is something you need to keep at the back of your mind, eat only when you feel hungry! We also recommend that you drink 2 glasses of water 10 minutes before meals to make you eat less.

You also want to stop eating for at least 14 hours during the day, a method that is helping a lot of women lose weight. This is also known as intermittent fasting. During the 14 hours fast, your body will have extra time to burn stored fat.

3. Don’t Drink Calories

Drinking high-calorie drinks filled with sugar will make your body insulin resistant and store up more fat in your body. Stay away from sodas because they are filled with harmful additives and will make you gain weight very fast.

Focus on drinking more water, tea, coffee both of which are filled with fat-fighting antioxidants and they are great for your body.

4. Sleep

Not sleeping for 7-8 hours during the night will have a huge impact on your health and mess us your weight loss efforts. Less sleep increases stress levels in the body which is known to increase fat storage instead of removing it. 

To get a good night sleep, try dancing for at least an hour before your bedtime and take a hot shower. This method is known to put you to sleep like a baby. 

5. Eat Low-Calorie Foods

No matter what your current weight is right now, starting a 1200 calorie diet and sticking with it for 3-4 months will help you lose up 20 kg. That said, adding at least 5 hours of exercise to your weight loss plan, you will lose more weight faster.


There you have it! 5 Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 30s to help you start losing weight fast. If you liked this post, please share it and also follow us on Pinterest for more helpful weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 30s


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