Amazing Juice Recipes for Weight Loss
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Amazing Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

This amazing juice recipes for weight loss is for those who struggle with being overweight. Losing weight can be very tough and most of us lose hope midway and return back to our usual patterns of eating. People put on weight due to unhealthy eating habits and stressful life. Some put on weight due to lack of exercise. Whatever said and done, an overweight body does not only look and feel bad, it also gives rise to a host of diseases.

Amazing Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Weight loss when done in a healthy way, can be long-lasting. There are certain golden rules for losing weight the right way and at the right time. Losing weight after 40 can be very tough because of slow body metabolism and hormonal changes. Hence, we bring here juice recipes for weight loss.

The body can survive on proper doses of sugar and salt and there is a new hype about juicing to lose weight these days. Juice recipes for weight loss are the newest trick and hack to lose rigid body weight. The basic idea is to keep the body hydrated with the right amount of minerals and vitamins to lose rigid body weight.

Fruits And Vegetables To Lose Weight Faster

Fruits and vegetables are available in abundance everywhere and they have a wholesome amount of essential nutrients that help the body survive well and lose weight faster.

Juicing also helps one to detoxify the body and remove all the toxins accumulated from years of unhealthy eating. The more a person juices, the more he releases toxins and the body feels completely rejuvenated and refreshed. One can have healthy juice recipes for weight loss and lose belly fat.

What Juicing Can Do For Your Body?

Juicing also helps one in flushing out toxins, reducing inflammation and making the nutrients get directly absorbed in the blood because they are minus the fiber. Having these healthy juices before meals is a must as the body absorbs them better on an empty stomach. This reduces one’s appetite substantially and you would eat fewer carbs and fillers if your stomach is already full of liquid.

Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

The following pointers are certain juice diet recipes that help in losing weight. The list contains vegetable juice recipes for weight loss, green juice recipes, and fruit juice recipes.

1. Mean Green

This powerful concoction of apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon and ginger root, will give you a power-packed start to your morning.

Just blend the ingredients in equal quantities and add a dash of lemon and ginger root for the flavor. The natural sweetness of the apple makes this juice very tasty.

This one washes down the toxins in your body and keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time.

2. Blood Building Juice

A scintillating combination of beetroot, carrots, and kale, this red colored magical potion will keep you hydrated for long and give you the right dose of vitamins and minerals.

Your skin would glow like never before and you could slowly see your weight shedding off easily.

3. Heart Beat

Blend in some carrots, oranges, apples, beetroot, and kale in equal proportions and prepare this wonderful red-colored and fruity flavored juice.

This one is supposed to be very good for your heart and you could easily skip a meal and have this juice instead as it provides the body with essential nutrients required.

4. Green Lemonade

Apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, and lemon when blended together, give a wonderfully fresh and tasty juice which would help you lose weight within a day guaranteed.

Just keep sipping this wonderful healthy juice for breakfast and dinner and see the magical effects on the weighing machine the next day!

5. Don’t Forget Your Roots

Beetroots are a powerhouse of essential nutrients required for a healthy body and glowing skin. This juice recipe as the name suggests requires equal amounts of beetroot, carrots, and sweet potato.

Loaded with essential carbs and nutrients, this one when had in the morning on an empty stomach diminishes the need to munch on something fattening and leaves one feeling full for longer. You can have this juice for breakfast and dinner and see amazing results within a week.

6. The Cholesterol Fighter

Swiss chard is another iconic nature’s wonder just like spinach which is known for its phytonutrient goodness. This helps in reducing bad cholesterol. It also is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.

This juice requires 2 to 3 chard leaves blended with a cucumber, a lettuce head, and a large Fuji apple. A dash of ginger and an orange can be added for the spicy and sweet flavor. This particular juice is also good for those who suffer from urinary tract stones.

7. Grape Fruit Juice Weight Loss Recipe

A pink grapefruit, when blended with a little bit of pure unsweetened cranberry juice and a dash of lemon, tastes heavenly and is an ideal way to weight loss. Grapefruit is known to lower insulin levels in the body and hence is widely used in weight loss programs and recipes.

Have this juice before every meal as it will suppress your appetite and make you eat less. A chunk of ginger can be added too while blending to add an extra dash of spicy flavor.

8. Green Grape Fruit Ginger Juice

Stir in some fresh ginger juice, fresh baby leaves spinach juice and a glass of freshly extracted grapefruit juice in a glass to get this very healthy concoction. Grapefruit is good to reduce allergies, is a powerhouse of vitamin c, it’s good for skin and to gets rid of cellulite and it is high in fiber.

Try these great juice recipes for weight loss before meals every day and within a week you would find a noticeable reduction in your weight along with a healthy glow in your skin. Your body would feel healthier and fitter than before. Juicing is a great new way to lose weight the healthy way!

Note: If you on blood pressure medication or any other med! please consult your doctor before consuming this drink just to be safe.


Now you know how to prepare your self for a new attractive and sexy body that many women like to own! As we said earlier, this drink will help you to shed down many unwanted pounds from all around your body and you will enjoy the result.

Juices & Smoothies for weight loss

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Happy Juicing!

Amazing Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

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