Belly Fat Burning Drink smoothie
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Belly Fat Burning Drink smoothie

Time has come to put out the strongest, delicious and healthiest breakfast ever. Belly fat burning drink smoothie to flatten your tummy fast is a smoothie full of minerals and vitamins that strengthen the body, normalize the metabolism and affect the appearance of the hair and skin.

Any diet that you aimed at reducing weight involves eating foods! this belly fat burning drink smoothie will contribute to burning your stomach fat faster.

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Plum Is The Best Burning Drink Ever

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There are a lot of goodies that can help for stomach burn but when it comes to the plum recipe, the world must stop and think twice.

It’s effective, fast for showing results while you still under the process of burning fats.

These fruits have proved this way for a reason. They have a number of valuable natural properties that make it possible for a person who uses this type of fruit to acquire harmony.

First of all, plums are a low-calorie vegetable delicacy. 100 g of the product contains only 42 kcal. This explained by the fact that there are no fats in the plums, and the amount of carbohydrates is only 8 g.

The second important fact about the benefits of slimming for slimming: the presence of organic acids in the plum, and in colossal amounts.

These biologically active components literally start the fat burning process in the body tissues.

This breakfast will cleanse your bowel and help in the elimination of waste and toxins from the body.

It also normalizes the weight, burns fat and solves the issue of constipation and lazy bowel.

The stomach will slowly burn the fats and the nails, hair, and skin will become beautiful, shining, and healthy.

You can easily burn 3-4 pounds mainly in the abdominal area after a month of consuming the cocktail.

Effective Plum Smoothie For Weight Loss


  • 5-6 dried plums
  • A tsp of cocoa powder
  • A tsp of ground flax seeds
  • 2 tbsp of oat flakes
  • 300 ml of low-fat yogurt or sour cream


You should prepare the breakfast in the evening for the next day. Cover the plums with 100 ml of boiling water and let them stay for 10 min.

Place the cocoa, flax seed oat flakes in a bowl, pour the sour cream and mix well.

Blend the prunes well, add the previous mixture, mix again and add store it in the fridge.

Enjoy your healthy breakfast in the morning and expect the results. You will have an interesting feeling your stomach during the first day and your digestive system will start work as a clock.


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Belly Fat Burning Drink smoothie

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