Use Baking Soda To Speed-up The Weight-loss Process
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Use Baking Soda To Speed-up The Weight-loss Process

Baking soda for weight loss is to speed up the process quickly. This remedy is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Consuming this drink along with a low-calorie diet and at least 1 hour of exercise 3 times per week will help you lose more weight.

Everyone feels that weight loss is a very hard task, we all know to lose weight is slow because we think it’s impossible. Why? Because leaving your favorite foods is harder than reducing your weight, therefore, here is a harmless way to aim your target with baking soda without quitting your delicious meals.

Use Baking Soda To Speed-up The Weight-loss Process

Baking soda is ideal to boost your metabolism and help you lose your weight faster than any other weight loss remedy out there. Here are three baking soda recipes which will speed up the weight loss process.

Here they are:

Recipe 1

Baking Soda & Lemon

  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • ½ a cup of water
  • 1 Lemon juice freshly squeezed or 1 grapefruit juice freshly squeezed

Recipe 2

Baking soda & Apple Cider Vinegar


Mix all the ingredients in a glass of water, make sure to drink this mixture before breakfast.

Recipe 3

Baking soda & fruits

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 Lemon juice-freshly squeezed
  • A sprig of mint leaves
  • A cup of strawberries


Mix everything in a blender and drink the smoothie two times a day for better results.

Note: If you are allergic to any of this mixture please consult your doctor for advice.

Juicing For Weight Loss?


Consuming any of the mixtures above will help you lose weight fast! Make sure you choose one and stick with it until you start to see the results you have been looking for. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and also follow us on Pinterest for more helpful tips.

Use Baking Soda To Speed-up The Weight-loss Process


  1. I am wondering what ACV means!
    I have IBS issues diariah almost every day doctor does not seem to care thus time 8 days so far no relief Imodium not working neither is Kopectate not working I got off meds been to same day care and ER twice no help need to loose weight weigh 210 5″4 they treat me like I am 400.

    1. Hi Suzzie, really sorry to hear about your symptoms, it is probably related to your weight. ACV means apple cider vinegar, and if you really want to lose weight and keep it off longterm, we highly recommend looking into the ketogenic diet which can help you lose your first 10 pounds in 2 weeks because you are overweight. We highly recommend it for longterm and healthy weight loss. Thank you so much for reading and wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey.

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